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Sep 18 2018

How a Cloud Phone System Improves Communication

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How a Cloud Phone System Improves Communication

Improve Business Communications with the Cloud

Simplify Business with Cloud Communications

Another way to simplify your business? Ditch all the gadgets and bring everything together under one platform.

Dialpad ’s cloud phone system doesn’t require complicated gadgets or lengthy downloads. As long as you have an internet connection Dialpad can work from the device of your choice.

With Dialpad you’re not just replacing your desk phone (although it’s well overdue). You’re getting a single solution for:

With all these features under one roof, it’s easy to understand why managers and employees alike are choosing to cut the cord and manage their business communications straight from Dialpad.

Enable Your Anywhere Workers with a Cloud Based Phone System

Why is it so important to give employees the freedom to work from anywhere?

When we asked around. we found that over 75% of workers (across industries and job roles) believe the independence and flexibility associated with remote working will improve their overall happiness, creativity, and productivity.

So we know that offering more mobile communication tools will create happier employees, but what benefits are out there for the rest of your company?

One big proponent to moving over to a cloud phone service is taking advantage of the substantial savings available. Companies killing the desk phone and moving to a pure-cloud communication solution can expect up to 60% savings on telephony costs.

Do you really want to keep pouring money into a stagnant telephony structure?

The fact that we were able to work remotely shows the flexibility of modern cloud solutions —you really can set up anywhere and still do your job.

Dan Wagner, IT Manager at The Second City

Dialpad’s Cloud Solution

Have workers that wake up in San Francisco and go to bed in Tokyo? With a cloud phone system, keeping them connected every step of the way is easy.

From answering a call on your laptop to transferring to an Operator from your cell, Dialpad offers your anywhere workers the tools they need to be the most productive no matter where in the world they’re working.

Don’t forget, Dialpad is an all-in-one phone system solution, with the ability to send and receive messages and faxes, create multiple Departments, and playback previously recorded calls.

Make the switch to a pure-cloud solution and wave hello to the future of business communications.

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